The River Sings

This song is on my Bounty On My Heart record & the video created by DJ Heckman productions shot on location in Maui, HI


Written & recorded with awesome Italian band Solo Per Adulti in a span of 2 days @ The Steel Bridge Song Fest.

When We Were Kids

This song is on my record, Gun Shy of a Kiss. It's actually mislabeled in the youtube video but thankyou for posting! I'm performing @ Three's in Maui just solo acoustic for the tourists & locals. 

Whiskey Preacher

This is an original song I wrote in Nashville. Dave McCormick is backing me up. We were on a LONG car ride to Arkansas from Nashville with the  Wilburn Family to play the Wilburn Brothers Tribute.  I had been asleep  for an hour in the car just before this performance behind the  restaurant. It was like...wake up and sing for the folks! If I look like  I just woke up..its true, but still sounded all right thank goodness! I  still have to put this song out there on a real record. Thanks for the i

It's a New Day

This song appears on my record Gun Shy of a Kiss. Just listen to that beautiful piano playing & string arrangement by Sigmund Snopek III! I wrote this song to manifest shifting our paradigms into a more positive, less commercially oriented world!

Silver Buckle

This video created by Steve Allen which he entitled, "The Birth of a Song" documents the process of the songwriting of this co-written song, "Silver Buckle" which appears on my record Bounty On My Heart. Appearing in the video are my co-writers, Brandon Ceyferth, and Johnny LoweBowe.

Interview About Guitars For Vets

Radio interview on "The Outlaw Hideout" w/ Radio DJ Tommy Trigger. Discussing the Guitars 4 Vets Program & my work as a spoke person and guitar teacher in the program.