Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons


$40.00 per 45 min lesson. (7yrs+)

I focus on teaching the somatic nuts & bolts of becoming a solid player. I teach basic theory, but mainly focus on helping the student lock in the feeling the music in the body, by learning chords, proper techniques, and singing songs while playing the instrument. (You do not have to sing, but it does help to learn!) I teach on classical, steel string, or electric guitars.

Ukulele Lessons


$40.00 per 45 min lesson (4yrs+)

Perfect for tender little fingers. I teach Uke to children ages 4+ and up. I have a degree in Hawaiian Music Performance from UH Maui and I am well-versed in traditional Hawaiian music (or we can focus on any style the student prefers!) I also love teaching adults! (For young children between 4-7yrs, I prefer to teach the parents during second half of the class what I taught their child. This way they can learn music and help their child practice!)

Songwriting Lessons


$40.00 per lesson 

Explore your own stories and craft them into songs in the genre of your choice.

I have been a professional singer/songwriter over 15 yrs. I've written for jingles & political campaigns as well as music for film/tv. I have experience teaching songwriting to adults with the Guitars 4 Vets National Program and teaching to children in groups during afterschool programs & private lessons. 

Family Music Lessons


This is a great option to get the whole family playing music! I grew up in a family band & I would love to share the experience! I will adjust the timing of lessons and pricing to tailor to the age and interests of your children and you and your spouse! (Individual pricing) A family of four can be anywhere from $50-$100 per lesson depending on what you are wishing to accomplish. An affordable option. Consider that a young child often cannot focus on a music lesson beyond 20-40 mins. However, much can be gained in shorter segments of time. (For young children between 4-7yrs, I prefer to teach the parents in the second half of the class a repeat of what I taught their child, so that they too can learn music, while helping their child practice.)

Group Lessons


Ask About My Discount Group Rates. I love teaching parents & kids. A group of children (2-4 kids w/ one of their parents) can create a mini-class. 

Mini-class rates are available at a discount rate. 

Try the Discount Lesson Package

8 lesson discount packages (1-2 months of lessons)  This is a significant discount to help offset the cost of your personalized music education!



What kind of ukelele should I buy for myself or my child?

Standard ukes (GCEA tuning) are available in 3 sizes listed here from smallest to largest: Soprano, Concert, and Tenor size. If your child is very young or small, then a Soprano or Concert size is perfect. Adults can play any size, but most prefer a Concert or Tenor size. It is fun to purchase different sizes in the family so you can create layered sound textures when playing together. The smaller the uke, the higher the tone. 

Students must have a real instrument. I suggest Kala, Luna, Cordoba brands as good starter ukes for around $100. Please purchase a case along with the uke. You can purchase a tuner or use the phone app option.

What kind of guitar should I buy?

Let's talk before you go out and purchase a new instrument. We can examine your personal goals and I can help you pick out the best fit for you before you spend money! I have worked in professional sales in various guitar shops for over a decade. Let me help you make the right choice for you!