Music 4 Film/TV

Music for Film/TV

Like all songwriters, I continue to aspire to song placements for my music in Film & Television. My songs have been in the pilots for a few shows & some independent films.

Indie Films

Dante, 2007

Broken Orbit, 2012
Skid Steer, 2013
Ed Gein: The Musical, 2010
Where's the Ice? 2013

Grossed Up, 2016

Online Listening Library

Please see my bandcamp site to stream and review my compositions for possible usage of music in film. I have released 3 full-length records and have many more recordings in various genres which are privately catalogued, but may fit your film/TV projects perfectly.

Writing Custom Music for Your Projects

Upon request, I have written specific music in film & theater projects, and even political campaigns, jingles, and also for non-profit organizations. Email me with any inquiries at:

Music on the Stage

I have co-written a musical with Kim Manning featuring songs co-written with Lantz Lazwell & other writers. These songs have been featured in Los Angeles Cabarets & performed on stage at Coachella