Trained Herbalist


Meaghan has studied Ethnobotany at the college level under Professor Joe Rose, Northland College, Ojibwe traditional medicines, apprenticed Mathew Wood in the Vitalist tradition & studied herbalism through the New England Herbal Academy, The California School of Herbal Studies, and The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.

Herbal Events


Meaghan has taught Herbal Product Making classes on the Bad River Indian Reservation & through CSU-Extension and created a curriculum for 5th graders+ combining basic herbal training w/STEM education to young students & their parents. She also assists teaching Herbalism Education Workshops w/ the Dynamic Roots Company.

Distillation Events


Education events in collaboration with Grace of Cowgirl Lavender Ranch. Adult & child programs available. Workshops teach how to make your own essential oils in small batches in traditional copper stills.


Live Maui music @ Hana Hou


Featuring local permaculture guru & Organic Farmer-Maui music legend John Pollack on fiddle!

Chicory Moon


Do you love to write & love plants, natural health, or are you just ready to explore your relationship with your own story & the natural world? Join the Chicory Moon Writing Journey, A new healing project combining Herbal Education with Poetry & Journal Therapy. Courses are co-taught with award-winning poet Amanda Ngoho Reavey. Please click on the link for schedule of classes and more information.